Friday, October 10, 2008

Is this week over, yet?

The last several days have been filled with Boohooligans, new choppers, rain (that was a really good thing!), digging, moving plants, hurting back, needy kids, VERY LOUD DRUMMING from Duncan, flute practice that I couldn't hear because of drumming, thumb shredding (in our dinner, no less), Duncan stealing and loving on Miranda's pink dog (should I get him a blue one, or just not be so uptight about the pink?), the possibility I have given birth to another climber (I thought families were limited to one), stressing about the economy, a very cool gift of plants from three wonderful friends (got my mums yesterday!), I'll be getting a plant in the mail today, Mom's ornamental grass decided my skin needed a thorn, friends losing their jobs, early awakenings, missing Evan.... You get the idea. So, I think the world and I need a happy, relaxing, low stress (more plants would be ok!) weekend. here's hoping.


Amy said...

That whole pink thing is harder than I expected it to be. I didn't think I'd care but somehow I do. For a stuffed toy, though, if he's all in love with it, it's probably ok isn't it? He probably looks really cute with it. :)

Hope you get lots of plant therapy this weekend.

sherrie said...

Was the weekend OK? Hope this week is fantabulous, sweet pea!

Pam said...

Check out the garden blog for details of my weekend! I worked hard!