Friday, October 3, 2008

Cutie Patootie

It's Potty Time!

We've had an interesting week. Both kids have teeth coming in, so they seem to just fall apart for any old reason. I was baking cookies today, and Duncan cried the whole time they were in the oven and until they cooled. Once they were on a plate and ready to eat, he calmed down. They see Mommy, and just lose it. So, I've had a great week.

Duncan has started to show an interest in learning to use the potty. He takes his diaper off and sits down on the potty. He doesn't usually accomplish anything besides being cute, but it's a start!

The few times I've let him run around without a diaper, he has peed on the floor. The first time I said, "Duncan, if you go pee pee in the potty, you'll get some candy." Then I said, "If you go pee pee, you'll get some candy." I suppose I should specify every time, because he did go pee pee. Just not in the potty. And honestly, those little potties do only give a guy a small target area. He still got the candy. And now he can say, "M&M's."

Miranda has gone mobile! She was scooting fairly well all over the place, but now she's officially a crawler. She can follow big brother around and loves it! She thinks Duncan is the sun and moon. And, I'm pleased to say, he's a really sweet big brother. Miranda is also getting into a sitting position on her own. She has this very feminine "side saddle" sort of way of sitting.

And just this week after loads of push ups, Miranda has finally succeeded in pulling up to a standing position. She gets this look on her face that says, "I can walk, Mommy. You just wait. I'm so close." With Evan and Duncan people kept telling me they would be early walkers. Evan walked at 11 months and Duncan at 13 months. Pretty much right on time. I'm wondering if Miranda may be the early bird. She's so determined. And dangit, the girl works out constantly. We'll only find out when she's ready. And then I'll really be in trouble!


Anonymous said...

what do you mean "she works out constantly"? Has her Aunt Natalie been talking to her? Lala will have a word with her later.

Amy said...

I have the same need to be specific with Benjamin. If you poop IN THE POTTY, you will get a lollipop. You don't get a lollipop for pooping in your diaper, and you certainly don't get one for pooping on the floor.

When he poops in the potty, he says, "I poop a lollipop!"

Pam said...

That's hilarious!

sherrie said...

I tell you what, I'll never again look at lollipops the same way.