Sunday, October 12, 2008

Better Weekend?

We had a nice soaking rain last week, and all of the planties are happy. Well, all the planties in everyobody else's yard. Mine would be happy if I would leave well enough alone. But no, I have to go and dig stuff up and move it around or give it away. And there's really nothing wrong with that. I mean, somebody's getting a plant from me, and I'm making space for something new. and getting some exercise to boot. And for those of you who don't garden...gardening is exercise!

Today I was thinking about the past week. All of the boohooing, the feeling that I can't get anything done, the frustration I'm having with my Evan garden do over. But today was different. It was different because the ground was soft. Unlike the last time I dug something up a week ago, it didn't feel like I was digging into solid rock. Today it was nice and soft. So, I decided to do a little more digging than planned. I dug up a bunch of weeds and weed trees, volunteers, and ivy that seems to want to take over the world. It was great to be outside doing some work. And feel like I'm making progress! I planted a new Elderberry bush.

Mostly I'm excited that I have a direction for Evan's garden now. I plan to do a zoo garden. I'm not positive about what I'll put there, but it's a good feeling to finally have a concrete plan. The bummer about this weekend is that Duncan and Miranda both seem to be coming down with a cold. Which might explain all the boohooing. Here's hoping for a good week...although, with two sick kids, I won't be holding my breath. At least, I can start my Evan's zoo garden plan. Mmmm...panther lilies....


Anonymous said...

that is a very cool looking flower. I've had quite a week too trying to catch my sign vandals. They continue to go missing as of this morning. I'll b e on the lookout for animal plants. Would a bird of paradise grow here? lala

sherrie said...

A zoo garden, what a fantastic idea!