Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Weird Week

The week began and ended with the sniffles. Miranda still has double barrel green worms, but the rest of us are feeling much better. And she seems to feel better, too. Just snotty.

Early in the week someone asked me for the symptoms that led up to Evan's meningitis, so she could tell her friend what to look for, because her son is prone to high fevers and double ear infections. This email got me all upset and uncomfortable. I always thought I'd share Evan's story, and maybe help someone someday. I just figured it would be something I did in my own time and in my own way. I never thought a person would just ask (this has happened twice, actually.) So, I thought about it.

In the meantime a neighbor told me her marriage was on the rocks, she's moved out, and she blames another neighbor for her interfering ways. And then a mom who "didn't know what to say" to me about Evan, just kept talking and talking and making me more uncomfortable (and left me a little note to boot.) It's funny, because I had told my SIL, Natalie, recently that saying the wrong thing to a grieving parent is better than saying nothing at all. After this encounter, I wanted to edit myself!

I did end up sending the symptoms along to that mom, and found out the boy was sick this week. So, I stressed out for a couple of days, hoping and praying that the little boy didn't have meningitis. I was blaming myself for not getting back in touch with her sooner. Thankfully, he's ok. No meningitis.

And then our little family was sick. So, on top of feeling physically miserable, my emotions were stretched to the limit this week. I felt like I had a tattoo on my forehead that said, "I'm a good listener!" Ugh! So, maybe this week will be less interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Pam, you are one of my most admired people.You are strong and compassionate. You are caring and giving. You encourage others and pray for them. Your week was difficult and taxing emotionally, but you gave of yourself in telling about Evan.You helped comfort others by telling of your experience and praying for them. Evan was remembered and honored. Your friend was comfortable in talking to you about him.That too is an honor. I love you. Mom