Thursday, October 23, 2008

All Things Weird and Wonderful

We had some other weirdness last week and into this week that I didn't mention in my previous post. Mostly it was the "Name That Smell" Game that I played for a few days. There was a less than pleasant odor in the family room. I kept asking Justin, "What is that smell?!" He didn't smell anything. It made me a little concerned that my birth control wasn't working (you know, pregnant girls have a great sense of smell.) After two days of wrinkled noses, I finally found the source of the stink. It was my bag! I had accidentally left a small bottle of chocolate milk in there, and it exploded. I washed the bag and the contents, but the odor remained. So, I have a new diaper bag!

After all of the sniffling and sneezing and coughing from the kids (and congestion and headaches for me), I felt like I deserved a break. Instead, I got two kids who wouldn't sleep well. Two nights in a row Duncan and Miranda were either up late or up early. By Wednesday everyone was sleeping again. Me included. Sleep is pretty wonderful. But the most wonderful thing that happened in the last week is that Duncan said those three little words that every mom wants to hear. No, not "I went potty!" He said, "I love you!" It sounded kind of like "I wuv you." And my reaction was about as enthusiastic as you might expect. I probably scared the little guy with all of my kisses and hugs and giggles. But he's already gotten over it and said it again!

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sherrie said...

Exploded milk = SUPER EW! And I love you, too!