Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's in Bloom

Solidago "Fireworks"

September seems to be shaping up to be another dry month. We did get an inch of rain the other day. There's always a chance a hurricane/tropical storm will send some moisture our way. They seem to be mainly soaking the same poor folks, though.

We are getting enough rain to keep the plants alive. And some of them look pretty happy. Not all drought tolerant plants have done well this year for me. My Amsonia has already lost its leaves and my Gaura looks pretty ragged. But my native Solidago "Fireworks" looks amazing. As always. It's tough and consistent.

Solidago, Salvia Black and Blue and Apothecary's Rose (I think)

I don't have a whole lot of things in bloom together. My placement needs work. I got lucky when I planted the Salvia next to the Solidago. I'm still figuring out what looks good together.

Any Ideas what this is?

This Mystery Plant is growing in the pathway alongside my Butterfly Garden. It reminds me of Asclepias (Butterfly Weed), but it could be anything! It's exciting to have a mystery.

Garlic Chives Charming Blooms

The bees have gone wild over the Garlic Chives. It's been a tough year for the rest of the Herb Garden. I let the formal pruning fall by the wayside when it got hot, so it's looking pretty wild. But I also lost my Thyme and Oregano. The Clematis vines I have on a trellis in the center have gotten brown and crunchy. They may come back next spring. You just never know.

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