Saturday, September 13, 2008


This has been a difficult week. It started off with a playdate gone bad. Nobody got hurt, so don't get all excited. We met some other moms and kids at the playground. Duncan kind of does his own thing, so he didn't really care when the 3 year old boy told him that the mulch he was playing with was "not a toy" and that Duncan was a bad boy. The kid, I assume, thought Duncan was bad, because he was trying to knock down the mulch. Which, of course, was NOT a toy! And I thought I needed to take a chill pill! Can you imagine this kid's home life? So, I was busy refereeing, while the other moms chatted unawares. Fun.

I've endured four years of spitup (I'm three for three on spitters), but this week the spit (on top of the milk spills, mail spills, block spills, etc.) was just too much to bear. I would clean up a spot, only to turn around and see Miranda spewing again. Wednesday was going ok until I talked to Justin on the phone. He told me he was going out of town on Thursday through late Friday. " mean, tomorrow?" "Yeah." Miranda seems to choose days when Daddy is out of town to a) get up at 6am, and b) not nap. Did I mention lack of sleep makes me cranky? I managed to get through Thursday and Friday. I can't say that I didn't lose it, because I did. Having to change into my third or fourth outfit due to spitup just sent me over the top. Justin called around 5pm yesterday, and made it sound like he might not make his flight. I was already thinking about calling in emergency grandparent backup, when Justin called and said they made it. Overall, I was feeling prickly and depressed and just downright unloved.

But today was different. Because today I got a package in the mail. A package filled with chocolate. This is the package that Kristin has been putting together for me since I lamented that the chocolatiers of the world were plotting against me. She has carefully been collecting chocolate treats to send me to satisfy my urge for chocolate lemony goodness. And here's the haul:

Miranda Admires Mommy's Chocolate

Did I mention that Kristin is in France? So, here I am feeling all sorry for myself, thinking that nobody loves me, and I'm going to have to eat some worms, when someone halfway across the world loves me enough to send me chocolate. How cool is that?

Duncan Uses Chocolate as Cargo in his Front End Loader

Thanks, Kristin. You're timing is impeccable!


Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm glad you like the chocolate, and it is even better that the timing was perfect. I was beating myself up for not getting my act together to send it sooner, but perhaps,it turned out just the way it should. Hang in there and bon apetit!

Betharoopie said...

Yeah, Kristin is the best. Just when you think you're down and out, she sends virtual hugs - whether it's an email, blog comment, or CHOCOLATE! :)

Sarah said...

I need friends like that

Oh but I'm happy for you because you so deserve it!

Nice playing today by the way... I was way distracted and almost missed just about every entrance. :)

Amy said...

Hooray for Kristen! Hooray for chocolate! Especially for European chocolate!

Does the spit-up phase end sometime soon? I hope so. It's not fun being always covered in bodily fluids. Eeesh.