Monday, September 22, 2008

Stinkin' Fresh Air

Today was a lovely day. A perfect day to play outdoors. So, we got packed up and went to the wild game ranch.

This is a place where rescued animals go and live out the remainder of their lives. Well, I guess. They don't ship them back to the wild, because they wouldn't survive. So, little kids and their parents bring these "poor creatures" snacks all day long.

When we first entered the ranch, the deer approached us looking for their handout, I mean, wholesome snack. Thankfully, they are fed well enough to not munch on little baby's toes. Although, they sure were tempting!

Much of the ranch is open forest area, with a path. Some animals roam free, but many others are caged. The whole idea of a wild animal sanctuary is great, but this place reminds me a bit of the crappy zoo we had in my town as a kid. I think they're trying to help hurt and sick animals with a place to live. I just don't think they have the funds to construct a bear enclosure that would be more suitable.

Duncan really enjoyed running around. And around and around. I made the mistake of uttering the words, "maybe this means he'll have a good nap." Jinx! He did have a nap, but it was only an hour. I had just put Miranda down, when he pops up. Typical!

Miranda and the pig nap.

The most fun was had at the bunny warren. There was plenty of space for all of the bunnies. And Duncan had a blast. He mostly ran around. He would stop occasionally and look at the bunnies. He bent down and pet one. But he mostly ran.

This little girl told me that the closest bunny was named Sally. She kept telling Duncan to stop running, because he was scaring the bunnies. Bossy boots.

So, after more than two hours spent on this pleasant day. We went home with goose poop on our shoes, dust in our hair, and an aura of wild animals on us. (I had to keep opening the windows on the way home.) No big deal for my little boy, who is part wild animal anyway!


Betharoopie said...

Ah, yes...the Athens Zoo. With deer, the one-eyed pony, and the bear behind a chain-link fence. I'd like to think it was a last resort for animals that got to just hang out for the rest of their lives.

Very cool animal ranch there - I would love to play with a bunch of bunnies...

frogonthefly said...

I forgot about the one-eyed pony!

Anonymous said...

once we took Carmella somewhere there were animals, it escapes me the exact place. She happily fed and petted the deer but when she saw the bunnies she totally freaked out, started shaking and looked like they were the scariest thing she'd ever encountered. Good for brave Duncan-no bunny fear there. Lala

Justin said...

She probably saw this

I would be scared too.

Anonymous said...

Bet you're right! I watched it and I'll never see bunnies without being very afraid. Lala

Pam said...

I forgot about the one eyed pony, too! I think the Athens zoo is actually better now. And the bunnies were really fun. They would just come up and wait for some food or a little pat. So cute!