Tuesday, September 9, 2008

He's a Little Bit Country, She's a Little Bit Rock and Roll

Duncan's vocabulary is growing again. He's started using Evan's old favorite "mamower" to describe the various lawnmowers in the neighborhood. After weeks of Mommy and Daddy saying "light out. light out. light out..." to encourage two word sentences, Duncan is now saying light out. Thankfully, he doesn't repeat it five times like we do! He also says, "Bye! See Ya!" and my personal favorite, "Hi! See ya!" But there's no question of meaning or pronunciation when Duncan says "No!"

Duncan likes to help with watering the gardens. I'll give him a bucket that I've filled from the rain barrel, and he dumps it out on the gravel right next to the rain barrel. Sigh. Sometimes he actually waters a plant by accident!

Miranda is starting to get into Guitar Hero, too. She's our little rock and roller. Mostly she's a roller.

Miranda has been getting on all fours and rocking back and forth a lot lately in preparation for crawling. She practices A LOT! She has already accomplished some scooting in order to get toys that are just out of reach. And now she can give herself a little clap when she succeeds! I don't have a picture of the clapping, but trust me, it's super cute!

Yeah, he's a rocker, too.

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Anonymous said...

yeh for Duncan and his increased vocabulary! He's on his way now. And of course Miranda -she's on her way too, across the room and down the hall. And maybe a music career for them both-a crossover country/rock duo. They are soooo cute. lala