Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dry as a Bone

It's been another dry month. The difference this time is that September has been dry and cool. Nice breezes. No horrible sweltering late summer days like some years. We're currently about 3 inches behind for our rainfall this month. We're hoping to re-seed the front lawn, but that means we'll have to water. We're not under a ban. And I guess technically, watering by hand is not a bad way to water in grass seed. A lot of work for me, though!

I'm happy to be participating in the local fall plant trade. I've already been digging stuff up to trade. I think it will be a small gathering, so I don't want to go overboard. Hopefully, there will be some cool stuff there.

In hydrangea news...I dug up to of the Annabelle Hydrangeas, and moved them from the Bank of Hydrangeas to the New Shrub Island. They're in shock, so I've been lugging buckets of rainbarrel water out every day to keep them hydrated. hopefully, they'll do just fine.

In Evan's Garden news...I'm thinking of using Blueberry bushes for my evergreen border in the back. They're pretty, bear fruit, and most important, Evan loved them. The berries, at least.

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sherrie said...

They are pretty, but they're not evergreen...

Wish I could send you rain, we're expecting cold rain for several days, including the whole weekend. Supposed to drop to low thirties by the start of next week- blargh.