Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dahlia "American Pie"

I finally got a decent picture of this little beauty. I've had scattered blooms from Dahlia "American Pie" (part of the Dark Angel series) for a few weeks. It's just a reminder of how poor my planning is in my front beds. I've got it in the back. It's not a great big plant, but it needs staking this year. Have I staked it? No. I just wish I knew what I wanted out of those beds. The intent was to have two symmetrical beds on either side of the front porch. But the problem is the right side (as you face the house) gets a lot more sun than the left side. So, the sun loving plants (zinnia, dahlia) have done great. The left side looks kind of rangy. I think I will give up the idea of identical beds, and just try to go with complimentary colors. Another problem is my foundation shrubs (dwarf Yaupon hollies) are still relatively small. They are no more than 2 ft tall. So, that limits the perennials and annuals I place in front of them. I'll figure it out one of these days!

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