Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl is Growing Up

So in Love with Daddy

Just six months ago we had a newborn that was still in the NICU. At 9lbs 3 oz, Miranda was a big baby, but I still thought she was tiny. She was so helpless, like all new babies. She ate, slept, and pooped. And that's about it! It's astonishing how much babies grow and learn in just six months. Miranda has charmed our socks off! She smiles and laughs (she thinks her brother is hilarious!) I was so worried that Miranda would be a little sad child, because I was so desperately sad during the pregnancy. I cried A LOT. But she has been the happiest little blessing. Now she's getting her first tooth. We've also been treated to her sweet little voice with her babbling. She woke us up yesterday morning at 5am with a happy "Mamamamamama." She, thankfully, fell back to sleep! Miranda is also trying to go mobile. She gets up on all fours, and rocks back and forth, willing her body to move forward. She does get around some how, but she's not crawling...yet. She's very close. I know she'll be thrilled to be able to keep up with big brother!


sherrie said...

I want to see video! SO CUTE!

Jen said...

I want to see more picts! They are soooooo cute!!!