Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday in Pictures

Happy Birthday, Justin!

Duncan tries to sneak a piece of birthday cake

Num Num!

Birthday Scowl

Do I Get Chocolate, Too?

I put the birthday cake into the fridge, and locked the door.

What? No More Cake?

Birthday Meltdown

Mommy's Snuggles Make it All Better


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Justin. How can it be otherwise with all those chocolaty,smiling faces around you? Mom

sherrie said...

He should be getting a small package some time next week. One hopes.

Pam said...

Oh crap, I'm not pregnant am I? Ha Ha Ha Ha! Just kidding.

Jen said...

That's funny!!! Happy Belated Birthday Justin!


Nat said...

Happy Birthday Fussy!