Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time Well Spent

We are lucky to have our kids' grandparents in easy driving distance. Both Justin's parents and my parents live about an hour away. When we've needed help, like when I was on bed rest, they were not too far (and thankfully, available.) But even more importantly they are close enough to have a relationship with our kids. When I was stuck on the sofa during the last portion of my pregnancy with Duncan, Evan got to spend extra special time with Grandpa and LaLa. They took him to the park and shopping. While riding in LaLa's car, Evan became obsessed with the moon roof and insisted on having it open, then close. "Again!" he would say to LaLa. When Grandpa, Evan, and I watched part of the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, we explained how the players were trying to get the ball into the little hole. The next day when we were watching baseball, Evan scanned the ball field and then asked, "Where's the hole?"

When Justin and I needed a break, the grandparents were always willing to keep Evan for an overnight visit. He always had a great time and came home with new toys and books, and sometimes new phrases. After a visit with "Gammaw and Gampaw," Evan was industriously pulling every cushion off the sofa, a favorite activity. He took one of the big cushions away from the back, took a peek, and exclaimed, "There's stuff in there!" Sure enough, there was all kinds of "stuff" wedged behind the cushion.

Special visits almost always included special food. Fudgesicles, "ice cwame," cookies, everything yummy. Poppyaya (Evan smooshed Pop and LaLa together, to make his own name for them together) took Evan and his cousin Beau to get coffee from Starbucks. Evan's coffee was actually hot chocolate, but he came home talking about how he wanted his own cup of coffee.

There were also other kinds of treats. Evan fed the goats with Poppyaya, even though he wanted the Goldfish crackers all to himself. When Gammaw and Gampaw took Evan to see the Buffalo on a nearby farm, they found that the Buffalo weren't out that day, Evan said, "Bufflo gowan." Maybe they went to see about the "sheepy sheeps" instead.

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