Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Baby? No Problem

Sometimes it's difficult for a big brother to adjust to life with a new baby around. Everyone oohs and aahs over the newbie, and the toddler gets almost ignored. Many toddlers revert to more babyish behavior (or sometimes naughty behavior!) to get more attention.

In our house the older sib doesn't revert. He just wants all of baby's stuff. We pulled out the swing to soothe fussy Duncan. But it was Evan that wanted the first swing. We let him get in the little seat, and cringed when it started to make ominous cracking sounds.

After a round of breastfeeding Duncan, Evan jumped up and said, "My turn!" I've heard that some moms let the older child give it a try, but I decided to fix Evan a glass of his favorite (chocolate milk) instead.

Newborns have frequent poo poos because of their liquid diet and immature little digestive systems. So, I was calling for Duncan's briefcase a lot in those early days. After changing a teeny weeny big monster poo poo and tidying up, Evan would again say, "My turn!" So, I let him hang out on the pad right next to his little brother.

When little Panda Bear came along, we got the Moses basket back out for the third time. The little basket was a favorite napping spot for all of our little ones. It's also a popular place for toddler Duncan to squeeze, apparently!

But at the end of the day, it's all good!


Mezzo Forte said...

Evan in that swing...that's off the chain cute!!! I love the basket sweet! Such sweet, sweet moments.

nannykim said...

Kid's are a blessing and I find I am always learning from them!! I now have some grandkid's and I love going through the stages again--I have so much fun playing and imagining with legos again with my 22 month old grand daughter.