Sunday, August 17, 2008

Late Summer Blooms

Echinacea "Purple Coneflower"

I actually gardened today! My thirsty Hydrangeas needed a drink, so I decided to utilize my rainbarrel water. It was awfully weedy there, so I just started pulling weeds while I waited for the buckets to fill. I also pulled weeds in my front garden beds. There's still a lot of work to do, as always.

Dahlia Dark Angel "American Pie"

There are still a handful of Echinaceas in bloom. "Evan Saul" hasn't bloomed in a while, but the foliage is looking better. I need to do some late Summer cleanup of flower stalks and dead limbs. Fun fun! I'm excited to see these Dahlias finally start to flower.


My mom told me earlier this summer that I needed a pink garden in honor of the birth of my daughter in March. She acts like I have no pink in my yard! Silly.

Salvia guaranitica "Black and Blue" and Solidago "Fireworks"

When I first typed the above caption, I actually typed Saliva guaranitica! HA! I'm so pleased that I have some perinnials now that bloom most of the summer. Salvia is such a work horse. It's going to look fantastic with that Solidago, one of my favorite natives.

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