Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Last year Justin took me here for our anniversary. This year was just a tad different. Last year...fancy hotel. This year...tiny mountain house (thanks Pam and Bill!) Last year...tropical island. This year...foothills of the Appalachians. Last year...plentiful rest, because it was just Justin and me. This year...Justin, me, Duncan, Miranda, and my parents. It could have been a restful trip, if Duncan had been more cooperative. Justin and I went out for our anniversary dinner. We came back to two screeching children. Duncan wouldn't go to bed. He finally gave in to exhaustion around midnight. He woke up again at 1am, and I held him until he went back to sleep. Duncan snoozed in my arms until 2:30, when I decided I had to get some sleep, too. We got up at 6. Duncan did go back to sleep until we headed out to our destination.

Here we are on a school bus to go to "A Day Out With Thomas"!

Duncan joined the throngs of preschoolers playing with Thomas train sets.

Miranda and her Daddy had fun watching Duncan play.

There were lots of tears and hurt feelings when kids grabbed engines from each other. Parents and grandparents tried to keep the peace. There was a little girl near by who started to cry when Thomas started down the track. Her mother tried to console her, and said that Thomas was coming back, and they would be able to ride the next time. The little girl kept crying and saying, "Come back, Thomas."

Here's the Duplo (that's big Lego blocks for you non-parents) Thomas. Very cool!

Do you see Duncan peeking through the window?

Here comes Thomas!

Thomas, up close and personal.

Finally, the train ride. It was just a 25 minute ride, but it was a lot of fun. It was nice to sit in the shade in a comfortable seat!

Duncan, enjoying the view from the window.

Grandma and Grandpa not even trying to look like they're having fun, even though I know they did.

A quick handshake from Sir Topham Hatt. (He was a little scary.)

Duncan loved his balloon Dachshund and covered it with little kisses.

So, in spite of the lack of sleep, we all had a great time. Evan would have loved it. I hope to see Thomas again in the future. I wonder how we'll spend our 10th wedding anniversary next year.

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Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! You know you're a parent when your big anniversary weekend involves Thomas the Train. (Our big anniversary weekend involved sitting at home!)