Friday, August 15, 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

I seem to always seem to forget Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. On the 15th of each month garden blogger's share pictures of what's blooming in their yards/homes. I may remember late on the 15th, or more likely the 16th or 17th. And then promptly forget again. I haven't gotten this garden blogging thing down just yet, apparently. But today, I remembered!

Lonicera "Goldflame" Honeysuckle

I fell in love with Goldflame Honeysuckle last year before Pike's went belly up. I passed by this particular plant (there was only one) two or three times, and decided I had to have it before someone else came along and got it. It's been a steady bloomer this summer and it kept its leaves in our zone 7b winter. It does have powdery mildew issues, but it seems to recover well.

Lagerstroemia "Acoma"/Crape Myrtle aka Evan's Tree

My parents have purchased trees in honor of each of my children's births. My mom and I found this little Crape Myrtle at Lowes. It was probably only 12-24" at the time of purchase in 2004. It's pushing 6' now! It's one of the slower growing varieties, and I believe only reaches 12'.

My Little Flower and Her Gerber Daisy

Who doesn't love Gerber Daisies?

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