Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Favorite Curious George Quotes

"That guy's skateboard, is like, made of dog!"

"It's a Miracle of Carrots!"

Mrs. Pescetti to chef hubby: You're garden is not magic, but your cooking is!
Pescetti: That's right! I'ma great!

scientist giving a speech, "...and if an apple traveling at the speed of light hits a static banana...."

That's what I'm watching right now with Duncan. I hope you're watching the back of your eyelids!


Anonymous said...

I think you forgot: "Fish crackers! O0h,ooh, ooh!

Amy said...

Why are you and Duncan up at 2:59 AM? That is horrible!

Pam said...

He woke up. He may have actually gone back to sleep on his own this time. I didn't want to let him go too long and wake up Miranda. We got up, had a snack, watched George, and went back to bed. The worst part was when he woke up at 6am screaming bloody murder. So tired.