Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's in Bloom

Calla Lily...yes

I received numerous plants when Evan died. There were, of course, the bouquets of cut flowers that only lasted a week or so. There were several baskets of houseplants, most of which I gave away. I'm not so good with houseplants. Although, I do have one basket still, and almost everything in the basket has survived! I also received a few plants that I thought might make it in the ground. What my mom called a "hot house" Azalea. Didn't make it. A Gardenia given to my sister in law has made a miraculous recovery. A small Japanese maple from some moms of Evan's classmates. Recently died. I also lost a Japanese maple from my inlaws. The Calla Lilies came with the Azalea and a Norfolk Island Pine (also dead.) I planted them in Evan's garden, and hoped for the best. They didn't bloom last year. After seeing all the blooms on my mom's Callas already this summer, I thought I was out of luck again. I was very pleased to go out yesterday and find blooms on both plants! I was afraid after all of these losses, that my green thumb had tarnished.

Echinacea purpurea "Purple Coneflower"

Most of my unusual Coneflowers (Evan Saul, Razzmatazz, Harvest Moon) have bloomed, and are starting to look a little frazzled. The Purple Coneflowers, however, are just beginning to start their show.


My mother-in-law called these Zinnias "cartoon flowers." I thought she was making fun of me at first. They were newly plated, and tiny. She said they reminded her of the flowers you always see in cartoons...tiny little plant, with a perfect little flower. These have done very well with the drought. I hardly ever water them.

Lysimachia...I think?

I got this Lysimachia from a plant trade. I put it in a pot, because I've heard about other Lysimachias taking over. I'm in constant fear of plants taking over my yard! When the lady at the nursery told me "it spreads real nice" about a particular plant, I smiled and hot-footed it outta there.

Dahlia "Alpen Diamond" with Echinacea "Razzmatazz"

The one Dahlia that survived last year's drought and the winter is blooming like crazy. I've flicked a couple of fornicating Japanese beetles off the blooms. Shiver.

Veronica "Sunny Border Blue"

Another plant trade item. One of these days I'll figure out where to place things so that they'll bloom together. This Veronica is actually near some yellow Salvias. So, maybe once the Salvias are more established they'll bloom together.

The Hydrangeas are past peak now. There are a few scattered blooms that still look good. The Daylilies are done. I'm excited about some newly budding things, like Crocosmia and a second flush of Gerbera daisies. Oh yes, and Black Eyed Susans! Can't wait.

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sherrie said...

"fornicating Japanese beetles" SNERK!
Lovely pics, I can see what Mom means about "cartoon flowers", too!