Monday, July 7, 2008

Weather and Barrel Woes

Just so you know, just because the weather channel has a green blip on the radar, it doesn't mean it's raining. At least, not here. I was all excited to see the green mass pass over my part of the county. Except, when I looked outside, all I saw were clouds. Oh well. Maybe someone else got some rain. In other somewhat related news...I found my rain barrel tipped over on Saturday. I have it on an inclined surface, and I think it got top heavy with AC water (I hadn't watered in a few days, plus I added water from my collection buckets) and it just fell over. Or some meanie pushed it over. I don't really see that happening, though. I guess I'll have one really green area of grass where it all spilled out! What a waste.


Anonymous said...

Erma Bombeck once wrote a book about the one green space in her was over the septic tank..kind of like my yard

sherrie said...

Is it still where it was? If so, some might seep to the strawberries... You need to set that puppy up!

Pam said...

no kidding! yeah, it's still next to the berries.