Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things, They are A-Changin'

Evan's Garden

Or, at least, they will be. I planted a little garden in memory of my son, Evan, last year. I planned it all out based on a partially sunny space. I picked out plants that could take a fair amount of shade. You know...Hydrangeas, Hostas, native woodland plants. Well, by the time summer rolled around, I noticed the sun's path was a bit different, and this bed was actually in full sun. In spite of the sun and in spite of the terrible drought last year, most everything survived. As the drought continues this year, however, things are starting to look a little ragged. Oh sure, the Hydrangea blooms are enormous.

But they look at death's door when in direct sunlight. Particularly, around the noon hour. So, I have decided to move the shade lovers from Evan's Garden to another shadier locale, and find some sun lovers for Evan's Garden. I won't move things until fall, so they may actually have a chance to survive, even though that means babying several things throughout the summer. So, my question is: what should I put in Evan's Garden? I currently have things with fun flowers (Hydrangeas...I'll keep the oakleaf hydrangeas there, and an Annabelle nearby) and things with fun names (Christmas fern, Toad Lily.) I think it would be a great spot for some sunflowers. What little kid (and big kid) wouldn't love sunflowers? Maybe another "Evan Matthew" Dahlia. What are some other neat perennials that would be good there? Evan loved those pom pom Marigolds, so those would be great, too. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, and drought tolerant is always a plus! Thanks!


skoots1mom said...

i have a trumpet bush that DHarden shared with me...when they mature they have great big salmon colored trumpets that hang down...they're great in full sun and u cut them back to the ground at year's end...i've got three new ones that I'm babying at the moment. it's my understanding they get large so they may be too big for your space...but being a trumpet player I love the name of the plant and am eager to see them producing in my front island. I think little kids would like seeing their big bloom "trumpets"!
hope this finds all well :)

Amy said...

You probably saw my post on your garden journal about bottle brush trees. They also come as bushes. I actually think mine is a bush... and maybe they are more frost-tolerant and more okay with damp soil than I at first thought. Look at this link:

They're really cool plants for kids.

Sunflowers are awesome -- although I was scared of them when I was little!!!

Anonymous said...

what about those "cartoon" flowers? Do they need sun? they sure are cute. lala

Pam said...

The cartoon flowers are Zinnias. They like sun AND they're drought tolerant. I think Evan would have liked the ones with the big pom pom flowers, as well as the ones that look like little daisies.

I'm surprised about your sunflower experience, Amy. Why do you think you were scared of them?

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm excited about the re-do. Not so excited about all the work. Hey, it'll keep me exercising.

Amy said...

I was scared of sunflowers because they were like a giant eye LOOKING at me. A whole field of them was even worse. I think I saw a time lapse thing on tv where a whole field of them is following the sun, and that creeped me out too.

Now I love them, though!

They didn't seem to have the smaller varieties back when we were kids. There's so many pretty variations now. There's one that's smaller and reddish that I really like.

Pam said...

Ooh! I just saw one with red flowers that I really like. Now I'm getting all excited about something I can't work on until Fall. Wah!