Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Thing Revisited

More progress has been made on The Thing. I suppose now that we're actually using it, I could call it the entertainment center or the built-in, or something. I've actually got most of my craft stuff in those baskets. Books and movies are on the shelves on the right. Justin will be making doors and probably some more shelves for those lower sections. Gotta get those electrical cords hidden!

We've moved the sofas in there, so it's nice and cozy. We rather like it.

And this, the biggest room in the house, is Duncan's and Miranda's new playroom. All the room lacks is some seating. Yeah, it's a mess. But who cares? It's the playroom, and they're supposed to be messy!


Amy said...

Wow, big changes! I like it. It's a much better use of space.

Sarah said...

Hey there!

You have been tagged in a meme - 6 random things about myself. For the rules and such, visit my blog:

And I likes "The Thing"

sherrie said...

It looks GREAT!