Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rain Rain Come and Stay!

Here's what our creek normally looks like (click on the pictures for a bigger image):

These picture I took today during a nice downpour.

We got about an inch of rain today that resulted in a swollen creek.

It swells outside of its banks a little away from the house in a good downpour. Just once has it rained so hard and so quickly that it flooded the back half of the yard. It has never flooded towards the house, since we've been here. Although, the people that owned the house before us said it does happen.

I'm secretly afraid to see a person or animal in the rapids one day. Thankfully, it's usually just sticks, branches, and trash.

No, I haven't done up the rainbarrel. Yeah, I know. I'm a doofus.

1 comment:

sherrie said...

Holy cow, I didn't know it got that swollen! How sad to see it all rush away when you know you'll need it later! Snakey is probably a couple miles downstream by now...