Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rain Barrel

Well, my rain barrel has seen better days. Like when it transported olives or garlic across the ocean. That was probably pretty exciting. The contents, so important, were probably treated ever so gently. And nary a nick or scratch dared mark the container, inside or out. Then it got retro-fitted to be a rain barrel, and has sunk to be in the possession of a very abusive owner. That would be me. You may recall that it tipped over after some rainy weather recently. I righted an angle, so that it would be easier to pour the water out of the spigot. The angle was the problem last time. It got top heavy and tipped. And I'm guessing that's what happened this time. I haven't had an opportunity to pour water out since Sunday (and not much then), because of little kids, and the rainy weather we've had. I just went outside, and saw it lying across the strawberry bed. At least the strawberries got a drink! There's more left inside this time, but there's a nasty dent in the side. And still, I haven't bought the cinder blocks to put underneath (as I was told to do when I made the purchase.) At least, today I placed it on flat ground. So, maybe the barrel will stay aright and live to see better days again.

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