Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More on Bugs

Yesterday evening I decided to put down some more newspaper and pine straw. Since the previous day's little boy wanderings and rainfall halted my work. I got started by checking the bale that had ants on it. Still there, unfortunately. I let it be. Of course, this meant I had to cross the creek and go up the hill for another bale. This is why gardening is considered exercise! I noticed a couple of yellow jackets around. I thought about my in-laws and how they have to carry an epi pen around when they exercise, due to severe allergies to yellow jackets. I thought, "Well, I'm not allergic. But I sure don't want to be stung." As I put down the straw I saw more yellow jackets buzzing around. They didn't look too pleased. I figure I covered an entrance to their nest with newspaper and straw. Oops! I continued to work, giving them a very wide berth. Thankfully, I was able to finish up without incident. It does make me think about how many yellow jackets I've seen this year. I feel like every time I'm planting something, here comes a yellow jacket. I knew of a definite nest in the front yard. There must be at least one in the back. It makes me very nervous for my son to play back there now. Shoot, I'm nervous to play back there! Darn bugs!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pam,
We have yellow jacket nest, too! I'm constantly buzzed by them, but so far no problems. Supposedly if you don't swat at/shoo them, they will ignore you. If you can see the hole, you can put boric acid powder in it at night (use a red filter over your flashlight). They may have multiple holes for the same nest. (Don't smush a YJ, though, or they will all smell it and attack in swarm.) good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I seem to have what I think are white flies on everything! I took a piece of a plant to Pike's(in plastic) and that's what the girl thought it was. Very weird bugs. It looks like cotton, but then if you touch it something leaps. I got stuff to get rid of them but it is scary poisonous. I've seen lots of yellow jackets lately too. Carmella is now an epi pen carrier. only it's nuts-not bugs. Lala

Pam said...

Thanks for the tips, dew! I'm not much of a yellow jacket smusher anyway.