Friday, July 25, 2008

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Another blogger described the Crocosmia as fireworks in his garden. I love that description. Although it is a bit of a thug for me, the bright orange flowers really brighten up my butterfly garden. The bees love them, too.

Crocosmia and Rudbeckia "Black Eye Susan"

I've been out of it lately with headaches and just plain laziness when it comes to blogging. My gardens, however, have been busy putting on a show. I could lie and say I've been too busy enjoying the blooms to make time to write. I have been enjoying the blooms, but I am just lazy. I especially love this blue Lobelia. I bought it on clearance at Home Depot Landscape Supply after they announced their closing.


Here are my cartoon flowers, as LaLa calls them. They've done really well in the dry weather and heat. I will definitely use them again.


My yard has provided a smorgasbord for bees this summer!

Echinacea "Purple Cone Flower"

This Heuchera bloom is really delicate and pretty. I've had a hard time photographing it, so you'll just have to trust me!

Zinnias and Heuchera

More color in the butterfly garden.

More Crocosmia And "Black and Blue" Salvia

A few years ago I purchased some Dahlia tubers. I planted them, and threw away the packaging. The first couple of years I only saw some foliage. No flowers. Until this year. Wow! Gorgeous! I wish I knew the name. I wonder if tuber has multiplied by now. If so...I could spread the joy.

Unknown Dahlia

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