Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, I like to share good news. But it seems like every time I do, something bad happens. Not very bad, just kinda bad. Or makes the good news defunct. For example, I was going to write a post called "Jumping off the Plateau." It was going to be about how I had lost a couple of pounds and I was no longer plateau-ed at that same weight. Then I put back on those couple of pounds.

It seems like every time I brag about how well Duncan is sleeping, that night he is a little terror. Of course, the last few nights he's been up really late (11:30 last night!!) We're thinking we're being manipulated (I know, duh!) We also think he's getting a molar in. Those suckers hurt.

I think somebody told me once that girls are not as bad at spitting up as baby boys. I was looking forward to a break with Miranda. Turns out, she's the worst of all three of my spitters. Two words: projectile vomit. Do I need to make it any clearer?

I was going to write a post about my recent exercise success. Then I turned my ankle, and haven't done any running for a week.

If I have a good day and I start to think, "hey, I'm a pretty good Mommy!" The next day I'm screaming my head off.

I try not to say "never" or "always" anymore. I substitute "usually" and "sometimes." Miranda usually sleeps through the night. I'm so paranoid that by saying Miranda always sleeps through the night I'll end up with a wakeful baby that night.

Is it just me, or does this happen to you?


Sarah said...

All the time. Hang in there.

Mezzo Forte said...

Murphy's Laws of's not just you =0)

Stephen said...

Well, I pray that something really amazing happens today. Reverse the jinx!

Amy said...

it happens to me too! i never say never!!!

skoots1mom said...

that'swhy i named my doggie, murphy! he was gr8 to hv around the house but he always found a way to hv an oops! i so miss him now.

Tara said...

OMG Pam, that's sooo me! I used to talk about what a great night I had and then of course the next night was no sleep at all. I just stopped talking about my kids sleeping so I wouldn't jinx myself. Also I was feeling really fit last week. This week I'm eating cookie dough.