Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Duncan Slept in His Big Boy Bed!

Hammering a Screw

Last night at bedtime, Justin decided to put Duncan's big boy bed together in the new and improved Big Boy Room.

He positioned the Thomas canopy/tent/thingy over the bed and, of course, Duncan was thrilled. Too bad Justin didn't have this idea a little earlier. Duncan wanted to stay in his Big Boy Room and couldn't be persuaded to go back to his Little Boy Room. So, we thought, "Why not?" We cleaned up the tools and put the boy to bed. He fussed a bit (not unusual.) After a brief period with us, he went back to his new room. And slept. He woke again briefly in the night. Kind of one of those, "Where am I? Oh yeah!" And then slept till morning. The whole putting the bed together and Duncan willingly sleeping in his Big Boy Room happened so quickly, it kind of caught me unawares. I wasn't quite ready. And I was, admittedly, a bit sad. I'm glad that, so far, it's going well. He's in there tonight. In the bed. Sleeping. It's all good. Now we just have to clear out the little boy stuff from the Little Boy Room, and move in the little girl stuff. And we can move Panda Bear into her own room. I think that'll make me sad, too. Growing up is hard. Especially on the parents!


Mezzo Forte said...

Girl, I know it! Just wait for that first day of school...OMG, that was such a sad day for me...and I got to take her with me to work (she goes to the school where I teach). Kiddos just grow up entirely too fast and it makes me sad and a little paranoid - ya know, hoping that I'm not messing them up or making their childhoods UN-fun and not very memorable. Course, that's just me...I'm just a big worry wart :0)

skoots1mom said...

tell duncan we are so proud of him...what a trooper. that can be a hard transition for mom and son. we got the youth bed when ck kept climbing and straddling the side of her crib. fortunately, she was a big "reader" and we would find her in the mornings, sitting in the large rocker, "reading" a golden book to herself, words being read out loud that had absolutely nothing to do with the real book that she was reading but she would be making up her own story line as she glanced at the pics...
i miss those times, thank goodness for videos and pics
now she's into facebook, sat online studying, cellphones and driving

it's so neat watching them become more independent