Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Workin' in the Yard

Last evening I carried my Duncan Deutzia across the creek to the proposed Shrub Island. I had planned on planting it right at the front, as it is a small shrub. I scraped the weeds away, and pulled out my shovel to start excavating. Problem was, the ground was so hard I was only getting down a couple of inches. I dug around the whole area, and gave up. My back was telling me "Forget it!" and I was discouraged. I told Justin that we may need to till the area. His response, "But I just put mulch down!" So, I went back out this morning to check out some other potential sites. I dug around in the Butterfly Garden. I was getting buzzed by a yellow jacket, but I kept on digging. When it turned into 3 yellow jackets, I abandoned that site! I looked at a spot next to Evan's Garden, but decided the shrub would be too obscured by other plants. I decided to try one more time in the Shrub Island spot. This time I took a different shovel, mainly because I like it better. Today, I had much better luck. I was able to dig out an area for the Deutzia and some Iris that I dug up and divided. Yay me! I was smart enough to put the back brace on to give me a little more lumbar support. I put on my jeans and long sleeve shirt to avoid skeeter bites. So, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the heat rash on my stomach where the brace closes. So, I now have some measly looking rash on my tummy. Well, at least I got my plants in the ground!

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