Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Would You Do?

I was eating my cereal yesterday morning, and I picked up my grocery receipt from the previous day. The quote "you saved $.93 today" was what caught my eye. I thought to myself, "That's not much." I looked over the list to see that only one item on there was a sale item. I also noticed that there were a couple of items not listed. There were supposed to be two gallons of milk, there was just one. There were also supposed to be four Luna bars. Yep, just three. So, I thought about it. I knew everything got on the conveyor belt to be checked in. I missed a gallon of milk, because the bagger guy got it and gave it to the cashier. So, I guess she just missed those two items. So, should I drive over there, and pay for the milk and Luna bar? The drive over there costs at least as much as the Luna bar. I was wondering if I was overcharged for something, if I would drive back. I guess it depends on how much it was. Had I noticed the mistake while I was there, I would have gone back then. Had I never looked at my receipt (which is what normally happens), I would have been happily ignorant of the whole conundrum.

So, what would you do?


sherrie said...

I wouldn't drive back, but you could throw the receipt in your purse and mention it next time you're there. I've only ever discovered mistakes in the store's favor, and never done anything about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sherrie, the next time you're there offer to pay. Then don't worry about it.Mom

Mezzo Forte said...

yep, what they said.