Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Duncan with the Nail Gun (It's Unplugged!) and Appropriate Head Gear

Justin installed hardwood flooring in Duncan's Big Boy Room (aka Evan's room) over the weekend. It looks fantastic. Duncan was his Daddy's eager little helper.

Duncan Uses His Little Red Hammer to "Fix" the Saw Horse

He carefully hammered a screw (that's not a typo) on the saw horse. He added his own sound effects when he "used" the real nail gun. It sounded like "chuchuchu."

Daddy's Little Helper

Duncan's little face fell and he sought hugs when it got too noisy. Like when the air compressor came on. I commented to Justin that I thought it was amusing that Duncan was so sensitive to loud noises, seeing that he is kind of a noisy customer. Justin says, "Duncan doesn't think there should be anything around here that's louder than he is!"

We also made time to go to a local botanical garden on Sunday. We'd gone there in Winter and Spring. This was the first Summer trip. I gasped when we pulled into the parking lot. The daylilies were glorious. Of course, the main reason for going there that day was to see the Children's Train Garden. On our previous trips we saw the track, and wondered if the trains were still in use. I was looking up information about local rec programs, and saw that the train runs each Sunday from 1-3.

Choo Choo!

It was a lot of fun. Too bad the volunteers had to take everything down because a storm threatened. I hope we make the train a regular Sunday event.

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sherrie said...

What a nice layout for the trains, and that floor looks FANTASTIC!