Monday, June 30, 2008

Streak Update

I thought I might be laid up for a couple of days after last week's knee "injury." Thankfully, I must have just come down on it hard, and it only hurt for about a day. So, I got right back into my Streak. I've been doing treadmill walk/runs for the last week and a half in addition to my usual crunches, back exercises, and Yoga moves. I would decide to go "hardcore" just as the summer weather really kicks in. It's nice that we have our own treadmill. If I had to drive somewhere to use a treadmill, I probably would have quit already. I guess I'll wait and take on my hilly neighborhood when it cools off. Until then I'll take on pretend hills in my basement. Yay me!

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sherrie said...

Woohoo! You go! Ibuprofen is never a bad idea. Also, soaks, ice, days off, etc. Take care of yourself!