Monday, June 2, 2008


The Early Days of The Thing

Last fall Justin began to construct a built-in for our TV, electronics, and various other items. The whole idea is to get the TV out of a certain person's reach and (hopefully) get organized. Instead of calling it the entertainment unit or built-in or some other descriptive term, we've called it "The Thing."

Christmas with The Thing

Justin mounted The Thing by Christmas, and there it sat to gather dust, doo dahs, and stuff. As Duncan gets taller, we have to continually move stuff up a shelf throughout the house. He cleverly scooted the computer chair over to The Thing, climbed up, and started messing with all of the stuff on the middle shelf. Daddy's tools.

Doing some Work on The Thing

And after a long respite from work on The Thing, we finally did some painting. The primer is on most of it now. We'll get the paint on, and then Justin plans to do shelving, some doors, and some drawers. It's really a rather ambitious project. He's going to make the doors and drawers himself.

The Thing gets a Makeover

He wants to do paneled doors and make it all fancy-like. He's a perfectionist. Maybe that's what's taken so long. Or maybe...


Nat said...

Oh she is so yummy :)

Thing . . . seems I remember Pop building a thing like that.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone work with Miranda flashing that sweet smile! We know the joys of little helping hands too. Hope all is well!

skoots1mom said...

it's looking gr8! Won't be long now.
My hubby is the same way...he did built ins in daughter's room, desk, window seat, shelving, drawers...
it took a good long while...and the priming and painting actually took the longest...we used some mdf and it took two prime coats and two paint coats (front and back on the doors, so we had to add in drying time)

can't believe how big M is getting.
: )

Amy said...

Wow, she has a very "Justin" look in that picture!

Are you going to move the tv into the front room? Is that where The Thing is?

Pam said...

Yes, The Thing is in the front room where the computer is. The current TV room will be Duncan's and Miranda's playroom. The biggest room downstairs, just for the kids! If you didn't notice...there's a big pile of hardwood flooring in that second to last picture. We're planning on putting down flooring in the bedrooms this summer. Starting with Duncan's big boy room. The projects never cease.