Thursday, June 26, 2008

Muchas Smooches!

Back in our early days as a couple, Justin would say, "Muchas smooches!" I don't really remember if he then bombarded me with kisses (remember the little black helicopters, honey?) or if he was throwing long distance kisses or what. I don't remember when or where it began. Lately the phrase has popped back into my head.

It's hard not to kiss all the sweet, chubby cheeks around here.

Miranda sits in her bouncy seat and kicks her leg (or sometimes both legs) to get the chair rockin'. What else would you expect from our punk rock girl? I'll sit beside her when she's still, and give her a kiss on her cheek or forehead. She'll start kicking, like she's excited. I'll keep my face just close enough, so that I can kiss her each time she rocks forward in her chair. So, that's about a kiss every other second-give or take. So, I'm giving out lots of kisses. She seems to like it, because she keeps kicking. She'll stop, and I exclaim, "Muchas smooches!"

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