Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Late Spring Activity

Deutzia gracilis "Duncan" or "Chardonnay Pearls"

Here's a picture of Duncan Deutzia in its new spot in the Shrub Island. If I move the Annabelle Hydrangeas over there behind Duncan like I plan, we'll have some double digging or tilling to do.

Hydrangea aborescens "Annabelle"

The Hydrangeas are still blooming their heads off. I should take a picture of some of the larger blooms next to my head for a comparison shot. They're really big! Not to say that I have a big head or anything.


The Gardenias are hanging on to the last blooms. Still very fragrant. My little Gardenia radicans also bloomed recently. Somehow the scent reminds me of buttered popcorn.

Dahlia "Evan Matthew"

My Mom's Evan Matthew Dahlia is blooming up a storm, and looking robust. The foliage on my new tuber is starting to take off. Hopefully, I'll have some blooms in another month or so.

Dahlia "Alpen Diamond"

Meanwhile, the Alpen Diamond is as happy as ever.

Stokesia laevis "Mary Gregory"

This is my new pale yellow Stokesia. I love it! Next year when they bloom alongside the blue Stokesia, my Butterfly Garden will finally have some contrast. And hopefully I'll get more bees and butterflies, too.

Coreopsis "Limerock Dream"?

The placard that came with this Coreopsis has a picture of orangey red flowers. Mine is more peachy. I googled Limerock Dream and found that others have this same lighter color with their plants. I'm not disappointed. I rather like it. I really have my work cut out for me this fall. I plan to move the Hydrangeas, and also some small perennials that are being hidden by bigger, more thuggish plants. This Coreopsis is being overtaken by the Crocosmia. Shoot, it seems like most everything is being overtaken by Crocosmia!

Cracked Soil in My Backyard with My Foot for Perspective

Drought has shown itself in more ways than droopy leaves, and dying plants. The soil in places is cracked like a broken terra cotta pot.

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sherrie said...

Neat! That Stokesia is gorgeous. But the crack, oh my! I hope you get some rain soon. And often.