Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Grandparent's Perspective

Ole Blue Eyes

One fun thing about blogging from my parents' house is that there are photographs that I don't have in my own collection. All of these pictures in this post and the previous post were taken by Grandma and Grandpa. During more than one of Evan's visits, he was given a fudgesicle after dinner. Grandpa says Evan wasn't so sure about the treat at first, but was pleasantly surprised after that first bite. He took a bite and said, "Gooood!" with enthusiasm. With goodies like this around, it's no wonder he didn't want to come home!

Driving at the Mall

Evan was one of those kids that when Mommy showed up to get him he had to play with every toy all over again before leaving. He also had to ride every ride-on toy at the mall until Mommy ran out of change or offered a good enough bribe to leave.

A Few of Duncan's Favorite Things

Duncan loves trucks of all kinds. He has truck toys, truck books, and truck movies. When we pass a construction site, he points at the diggers or bulldozers, and says, "Whazzat?" Oh, but he knows what they all are. He just wants to be sure we do, too.

Get Me Outta Here!

A family friend made this little cradle for Miranda's doll. Grandma thought it would be cute to get of picture of Miranda in it, even though she was a bit too big. What do you think Miranda thought of this?!


sherrie said...

Great pictures! Miranda looks very "what the heck?!"

skoots1mom said...

reminds me of Different Strokes, "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"