Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Anniversary

Evan Rides the Rocking Horse

Today marks the first anniversary of starting this blog. I re-read that first post recently and thought about losing Evan and my grief journey. And I realized that I have a long way to go. Sometimes it hurts so bad, and I feel so lost. Then I look at these pictures, and remember my sweet boy and the fun he had.

Evan with His Itty Bitty Tractor Lawn Mower

When I enrolled Evan in the PMO (that's Parent's Morning Out, folks) program at church, I was surprised when Evan's teachers always said, "Boy, does he love to play." I thought, "Well, don't they all?" Both of my boys really played hard, to the exclusion of snack time, circle time, etc. Who cares about food when there are TOYS!

Sliding with Mommy

Indoor play is fun, but going outside can't be beat. Evan was already saying, "Side, side" for outside by 18 months. We'd go outside together and play. If he needed a drink, he'd go inside but I wasn't allowed to come in (didn't I say he was bossy?) He was afraid if I came in, that we wouldn't go back out. I would tell Evan repeatedly that I just wanted a drink, and we could come right back out. I always kept my word, so I was disappointed when he didn't believe me.

Evan with His "Tree"

Going to the park was always a treat. Evan loved to run more than he liked playing on the playground, and he loved playing on the playground. He'd climb the stairs (because that's fun when you're a kid), slide, swing and say "faster, Mommy, faster! He'd see a kid coming down the slide and warned, "Be careful!" If we were there with "fwiends" he'd say, "Come on, guys!" to get some playtime started. During the summer months we mostly went to the shady park. He never seemed to tire of going there, even though some of his friends did. I remember telling Evan we were going to a different park one day. He had a blast, of course. The next time we went to a park he said, "Go to the Different Park." I thought he meant that particular park, and I said, "We're going to the Rubber Park" because the place we were going has rubber mats instead of mulch on the ground. As we pulled in to the parking lot Evan got all excited, because it was a different park.

The picture of Evan with the leaf was taken by my parents. When they went to a nearby park, he picked up the leaves and called them his "tree," and toted and waved the leaves as they walked the trail.

"Doing the Steering Wheel" (as Beth would say!)

Still missing you, kid.


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing a little of your memories with us.

Betharoopie said...

Oh, sweetie - much love and many hugs to you and your family.

sherrie said...

I still can't believe it, every day I remember and it feels like a new shock. The pictures are good therapy, though; such a happy, smiling darling of a bossy boots. Wish we still had him.

Anonymous said...

Evan seemed like a beautiful and fun little boy. The way you memorialize him is a wonderful gift for all that have read your blog. Keep remembering him and keep sharing.