Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears...or Maybe Just Sweat

When I read that our temperatures would be going back to the 80s and chances were good for rain, I decided to plant most of the plants I recently purchased. I got out there last evening, and dug up some of my more thuggish perennials. I also dug up some stuff I just didn't like. It's really too bad I didn't do this in time for the spring plant trade in April. I would have had some good trades, but my back was a wreck and time was short. I planted two Stokesia's "Mary Gergory" with pale yellow blooms, and two yellow Salvia greggii's! I didn't know that Salvia came in yellow! I was so pleased to find them. I also made room for a yellow blooming Corydalis lutea. Yes, I went yellow crazy at the nursery. I wanted something yellow to bloom with all of my blues and purples. I have been discouraged by the lack of activity from my Evan Matthew Dahlia. When I buried the tuber, I went against the Dahlia Society's instructions, and filled in the hole (instead of filling it gradually as the tuber produces sprouts.) I carefully dug around where the tuber was planted, and I found new growth! I decided to leave it exposed, and bury it as it gets taller, like I shoulda done in the first place. Oh well. At least it's alive! So after all this sweaty work in the mosquito-y twilight hours, I come in to see that the chances of rain have decreased. I got up this morning and looked outside. Clear as a bell. Today is our day to water, so I watered all the new stuff, the stuff I moved, and the stuff that seems more prone to wilt. I have only one plant left to put in the ground and that's my new Deutzia "Duncan"! Of course, I plan on putting it in my Shrub Island, which still needs to be dug up, weeded, mulched, etc. I've got my work cut out for me.

If these things don't make it, there will be tears!


sherrie said...

Good news about the dahlia! So, I take it the mosquito things isn't working yet?

Hey, I bought 3 elderberries, and while researching varieties discovered a nice native cultivar for you: Sambucus canadensis 'Aurea'. It has golden-green leaves, very pretty.

Pam said...

I'm still liking the Sambucus nigra better. I have so many things going into my shrub island already, that I may not have room for much more. Justin had an idea of how much space that I'd need, but I think it will have to be more. ;)