Saturday, May 10, 2008


So, I've been bummed because of my drought losses. I've looked around for replacements, and I've had a hard time finding them, as well as the Deutzia "Duncan." I went to the same nursery where I purchased my Gaura "Karalee Petite Pink," and they're not selling it this year. And forget about finding that Dahlia "American Pie." I purchased 2 from Home Depot Landscape Store, just before they went out of business. And I think the Dark Angels series is just too new to find anywhere, yet. Wellll...yesterday, my sister (who's visiting the next week or so) and I went to the local Master Gardener's plant sale. I was hoping for interesting and unusual plants, but was disappointed with mostly the same ole stuff one can find anywhere. I did, however, get a rainbarrel. We went to a close nursery after the sale, and I found my Gaura! I came home and planted it. I grudgingly decided to move the Dahlia to a different spot (I had purchased two for a symmetrical layout.) I dug it up, and to my pleasure, there were three tubers! Two had leaves, one did not. So, I divided them and placed them back in symmetry, and put #3 in the butterfly garden. I was so excited to solve almost all of my searching dilemmas in one day! And one for free! And now, if I could only find that Deutzia....

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Anonymous said...

Oooh! A rain barrel! Show pictures, please! And hooray for all the other stuff, too.