Thursday, May 22, 2008

That's My Boy!

We've had our rain barrel for two weeks as of tomorrow. And in spite of a couple of really good rain showers, we haven't captured any rain water. Simply because we haven't attached the barrel to the downspout, yet. It's more complicated (I think) than just sitting it next to the spout. There's sawing involved. And cinder blocks. There's an opening near the top of the barrel to attach a hose. When I asked about possible mosquito issues, the seller recommended placing a cap on the opening. I finally got something that I think will work. In the meantime my 2 year old son decided it was cool to thread the tube that removes condensation from the air conditioning unit through the opening into the rain barrel. I captured AC water in a bucket last year when we were on a total water ban. However, we've only used our AC a few times this year, so I didn't think I'd have any accumulation from the condensation. I was wrong. I looked in there the other day and there were a couple of gallons splashing around the bottom of the barrel! I poured some out into my watering can. So, I can officially say I've used my rain barrel. Just not quite the way it was intended. Way to use your noodle, Duncan!

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