Sunday, May 18, 2008


We have a small creek that splits our backyard in half. The back half is a flood zone in heavy downpours. It only actually really floods over every few years. It's really the only flat part of the property. That's where Evan's garden, my woodland garden, and my son's play area are all located. We are able to cross the creek to reach what we call "the back 40" via a small wood bridge. Yesterday I stepped onto the bridge and saw a snake slither out from the creek bank and into the creek. I did what most girly girls do. I screamed. Well, more of a shriek, really. I hurried my son on across in a panic, as my sister cursed and said, "I think that was a copperhead!" I'm not really sure why it freaked me out so much. I've seen snakes down there before. Although, I may have shrieked those times, too. And, after looking up common snakes for our area, we decided that it was probably a brown water snake. Not poisonous. It still kind of creeps me out. I'm a total wimp, I know. Of course, now is the time that my 2 year old son has picked up that snakes say, "Sssss." So, he goes down to the bridge, points to where he saw the snake, and hisses. It's extremely cute. Just as long as he doesn't try to go and pet one.

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