Friday, May 16, 2008

See the Baby

Daddy Getting Evan Ready for Bed

There are people out there that take pictures of their child each day, to see the gradual changes over the years. There are people who record their child periodically to have that sweet little melodious voice saved. And there are others who never seem to put the video camera down. We've never gotten into the habit of recording everything. I remember telling Justin a few times how we needed to start getting videos of Evan's sweet little voice before it changed. We have some movies, but not as many as I would like. Had we known we would only have him for a short time, we probably would have been those parents taking video all the time. As it is, we cherish the ones we have. Evan exhibited extra cute behavior at bedtime. Cute enough for us to run for the camera. One that comes to mind is a video of Evan running around in circles on his new rug from Grandma and Grandpa. There are sailboats all around the perimeter and a solid center. Evan had to run and touch each boat with his feet. As he circled the rug (and whatever parent was on the floor), he would say "Wound and wound, wound and wound." For round and round.

Evan at Tumbling Class in his "Baby Outfit"

Another bedtime video has Evan in his orange and yellow striped onesie. He's about to get a diaper change, and wriggling around on the table. He keeps saying, "See the baby. See the baby." He wants to see the baby on the back of the digital camera. He didn't know that he was the baby! We turned around the little screen so that he could see himself, and say, "Baby."

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