Thursday, May 29, 2008

Over and Out

Duncan has always been a climber. So, it was no great surprise when he climbed out of his crib with a terrible crash. We put blankets and pillows around the floor to cushion the next landing. But it didn't happen. We finally removed the soft stuff just recently. And tonight like a little ninja toddler, Duncan scaled silently out of his crib, pitter pattered down the hall, and came downstairs. We were so taken aback, we just looked at him as he started to play. After awhile we took him back upstairs, and tried to get him to return to the crib. He climbed right out. Justin put his new big boy bed in the room (sans Thomas), and he is now in there screaming his head off. Mainly because he can't get out of the room (door knob cover.) Something tells me this may not be a sleep filled night.


Nat said...

Time to turn the door knob around on his room.

sherrie said...

How was he last night, any better?

Pam said...

We did turn the doorknob around the first night, and he was pissed. And only slept for 4-5 hours. No fun. Last night he fussed when we put him down, but he slept the night through. We peeked in and he was on the floor by the mattress. This morning, however, he was on the mattress. And happy. So, there's hope, yet!