Saturday, May 10, 2008

Miranda: "Sometimes I Scare Myself!"

Babies are born with certain reflexes. Rooting - Baby turns her head when you stroke her cheek. Sucking - Baby will suck on anything placed in her mouth, which is why pacies are such a hit. When you put your finger in baby's hand, it may disappoint you to learn that it's a reflex that makes her grab it. (Still cute, tho.) This is called the Palmar Grasp. And you've probably seen baby jump out of her skin at the slightest noise. That's the Moro reflex. These reflexes seem to begin in utero. You'll often see (through ultrasound) a baby sucking her thumb while still in the womb. And many moms can tell you how a mommy gas bubble can startle baby. Once baby is out in the world, sometimes her own gas noises can be alarming. But what's really crazy is when she startles for no reason. The other day Miranda was nursing. Something, I don't know what, startled her. She was so upset, she began to cry pretty hard. It took a lot of soothing to calm her back down and get back to the task at hand. There was no external cause, so I figured that she just scared herself.

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frogonthefly said...

Very Cute!!!!!!!!!
Happy Mother's Day!