Monday, May 19, 2008

It's My Party, and I'll Cry if I Want To

Picasso had a blue period. He apparently also had a black period. Duncan has entered his shy period. We had Duncan Birthdaypoolooza on Sunday, and Duncan seemed more interested in hiding in the corner than playing with his cousins. When Aunt Natalie wanted to take Duncan's picture, he hung his head and didn't make eye contact. It was kind of like he was thinking, "If I don't look at her, she'll go away." He wanted to be held instead of play.

He freaked out when we sang Happy Birthday (although, I think our rendition could have scared the rats out of town faster than the Pied Piper.) He barely jumped on the Bouncy Fire Truck.

Cousin Carmella Bounces

However, once he got a taste of cake, he seemed to figure out that this party thing was pretty ok. But really, the presents were the best part. He was thrilled with everything. He didn't want to go to bed that night without his trucks. He goes from station to station playing with new things.

Maybe birthday parties aren't so bad afterall.

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Jen said...

He is so cute!!! you just want to hug him!