Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Spy

When I was pregnant with Duncan, I was on bedrest for several weeks for preterm labor. I was limited to getting up to use the bathroom and...well, that's about it. It was springtime. I was really missing getting out in the yard to garden, and was desperate to see what all was blooming. We have the typical sub-acre suburban yard, so it's not that big. But it's hard to see all my tiny little blooms from my window. I decided to whip out the binoculars to give me the up close look that I was unable to enjoy for real. Of course, I was always worried that my neighbors would think I was spying on them. Now I'm able to walk outside when I want (as long as I take Duncan with me!) Duncan turns 2 this week! Stay tuned for his birth story (it's a short one.)

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This One's for You, Natalie

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Nat said...

YOu can do it too! Darn it. So not fair!