Monday, May 26, 2008


There has been severe weather in other parts of the country this Memorial Day weekend, but here in the Southeast it's just been plain hot. Yesterday I emptied several gallons out of my rain barrel (still using AC water! I need to get that hooked up to the downspout!) and watered newer plantings and thirsty plants. Everything looked pretty good. I was wishing I had expanded my watering to include more established plants, because I had some things that were downright wilty. "Drought tolerant" plants, too. My mailbox honeysuckle, hardy geraniums, and even my Echinacea "Evan Saul" looked droopy. Tomorrow is our day to water, so I'll be out early to give those guys a drink. Of course, I think I can use rain barrel and grey water at any time. It's just water from the spigot that I am limited to the odd-even schedule. I don't want people to think I'm cheating, so I generally stick to the schedule.

When my sister was here we started putting down pine straw in "the back 40" to cover a mostly weedy area. My hubby and I continued working this weekend until we ran out of pine straw. I still need to mulch my woodland garden and butterfly garden. We've talked about curving out the pine straw island back to the back edge of the property. I'd like to do a shrub island there, with some natural privacy sort of plants. I'd love to include an Oakleaf Hydrangea, maybe a Ninebark "Diabolo," and something chartreusey. I've seen a couple of Sambucus nigra (Elderberry) shrubs with purple or chartreuse foliage. Not sure I've got enough sun for good flowering, tho. So, once we get the mulch down, onto The Shrub Island Project. Yeah!

Justin also installed a new mosquito trap in the back 40. I'll let you know if we have a reprieve.


sherrie said...

I've got two variegated elder... no flowers yet, but the foliage is so nice it doesn't matter. Giant Solomon's Seals would bloom and spread no matter how dark, and there's a purple cimifuga that I think doesn't mind deep shade.

Pam said...

Is the elderberry in a shady spot, too? I was just admiring that one at the park today. It's just started to bloom. You should send me pictures of your garden. :)

sherrie said...

They're both in deep, dry shade. I'll send pics when I take some, but no promises as to when that'll be! I'd like my fruit bushes to get a leaf or two first!