Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Drought Victims

Dahlia Dark Angels Series "American Pie"

Before I got pregnant last summer, I did a fair amount of gardening. I saw it as therapy to help me get through the devastating first year without my eldest son, Evan. I planted a garden in Evan's memory, a somewhat formal herb garden to satisfy my need for symmetry, and various other items throughout the yard. The Southeast US, of course, suffered a terrible drought last year. We were placed on a water ban in my area by late summer/early fall. By that time most of my new plants were pretty well settled. I collected rain water (when it actually did rain!) in an effort to keep things happy. My mom is one of those gardeners who every year says, "Oh, I hope that comes back." I seem to always ask, "Why wouldn't it?" I have one of those yards that makes gardening easy. I don't know that I have a green thumb, as much as I just have an easy yard. There's a small creek, which probably made the soil in the surrounding areas perfect for growing stuff. Well, this year after last year's drought, I found myself hoping things would come back. And unfortunately, I've had some drought victims. The Evan Matthew dahlia I mentioned in a previous post didn't make it. I've also lost a Gaura (I thought they were drought tolerant!) and another Dahlia "American Pie." The trouble is, these last two plants are in my front beds, which I've tried to keep symmetrical. So, that means I have to find replacement plants. Or, move stuff around. I've looked and looked, and so far, I haven't found the particular Gaura (Petite Pink) or the Dahlia. I'm not sure what to do. I've always thought of these beds as a conundrum. I've changed everything out multiple times, and I'm never happy with the end result. And now I'm afraid to plant anything new, because we're low on rain already for this year. Sigh. I imagine I'll be hoping things will come back next year, too.

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