Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bossy Boots

A parent always knows when it's too quiet, his or her toddler may be up to no good. While making sure everything was ok with an extra quiet Evan one day, I found him squatting in his "special place." His face was a little contorted, so I asked him if he was ok. Then putting two and two together, I apologized for interrupting and told him to let me know if he needed me. (If you don't understand, he was pooping in his diaper.) Had I lingered any longer, he probably would have told me to leave. He had a tendency when occupied, to point his finger in the opposite direction, and say, "Go in there, Mommy" or "Go away, Daddy." Can you blame a guy for wanting a little privacy? At the same time, however, it was just a tad bossy. When Evan had a cold, it was "Gimme a tissue!" I told him it would be nicer to say please. Sometimes he didn't even bother with verbs. He'd say "Chocolate milk!" Sometimes no words were necessary, like when he banged the milk jug and bottle of chocolate syrup together. His point was clear!

When Duncan came along the bossiness turned helpful. "Get Duncan's paci!" And "Go get Duncan." When we had a doctor's appointment for Duncan, Daddy wore red, Duncan wore red. I asked Evan what I should wear (knowing full well his favorite color was red), and he said, "Red!" As Duncan got a little older, Evan started imparting his toddler wisdom onto his little brother. We were driving home from the park when I heard Evan's voice in the backseat. "Duncan...get those fingers outta there!" I looked and Duncan had his fingers in his mouth, like any normal 5 month old. And I thought to myself, "What a bossy boots!"

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